Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) aims at revamping the customer service division with its state-of-the-art software.

Call center space has garnered a lot of attention

Chief operating officer at UJET Inc., Vasili Triant, shared that the call center must be value-based. Triant added that this sector had drawn much attention, and corporate houses need to enhance the experience. Money must be invested, and when funds pour in, everyone sees an opportunity. UJET Inc., based out of San Francisco, provides cloud software.

The future is to design and develop software that can help call center agents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buss word. Call center providers, taking valuable cues, are working on designing and developing machines that can understand human communication, analyze the conversation, understand and judge the pulse of human beings. Companies aim to create software that can offer respite to call center agents by passing on valuable integrations and insights. With the aid of technology, the agents at the call center will be able to save valuable time. In addition, it will help enhance productivity for the call center agent.

Companies aim to create a future that goes beyond the boundaries of a call center

Companies are working towards putting on the table solutions that go beyond just call center services. They are working towards introducing different ways and means of enhancing customer experience. It is a challenge to achieve this, yet many companies are working in this direction, and Microsoft Corporation is one of them. The key aim is to facilitate easy and fast data transfer among various programs. From the user’s point of view, this will help interact with the business in a hassle-free manner. From the company’s point of view, having information stored in one platform will allow them to perform business tasks like analyzing data and judging the customer, among others, effortlessly.

However, the flip side is designing and developing such a technology-based solution is a challenge. To integrate programs, software companies are joining hands with service providers like the ones that offer phone services, chat services, e-commerce websites, and others.

There are dual ways to get Microsoft Word and related software for free

The first way to get Microsoft Word for free is to download it from the Goole Play or the App Store. The next way is to sign up for an online Microsoft Office account.