Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) faces controversy as San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles city attorneys accused it of discriminating against transgender drivers. The attorneys have asked the company to reveal how it verifies accounts owned by transgender drivers. The issue came after a story in the Times reported the challenges transgender drivers faced.

The city attorneys claim that Uber has violated workplace safety and anti-discrimination laws. Several transgender drivers claim that they couldn’t get authorization to sign up while others had lost work.

According to the Times, Uber’s system banned nonbinary and transgender drivers after declaring that their documents were fraudulent and suspended them. Drivers who were suspended would occasionally reach out to the company for assistance to no avail.

Analysts have predicted that Uber will increase revenue for the quarter ended December 2021. If the company manages to meet or beat these expectations, its stock value could increase. Zacks’ analysts expect revenues to reach $5.36 billion, a 69.4% rise from the same quarter in 2021.

Uber expands its partnership with Wallbox

Uber is also expanding its partnership with Wallbox after a successful pilot test. The collaboration, which gave Uber drivers discounts on Wallbox Pulsar Pulse installation, charger, and the choice of financing the package, will not be available nationwide.

The companies began their partnership in October 2021 in the Bay Area. This expansion will give Uber drivers in the U.S access to electric vehicle charging packages that Wallbox sells. The companies expect to have expanded their collaboration to the whole country by April.

WP Advisors and Weaver Consulting Group buy Uber

In addition, WP Advisors, LLC, has bought Uber Technologies Inc. The firm added 131.07% to its previous holding. The shares cost around $35.73 to $48.36. The purchase impacted the firm’s portfolio by 0.33%. It currently has 33 902 shares.

Weaver Consulting Group has bought Uber for the first time. The impact on the firm’s portfolio is 0.19%. As a result of the purchase, Weaver Group now has  9,452 shares.

Meanwhile, Onehouse, which Vinoth Chandar, a former Uber Data Architect, founded is using Apache Hudi, which makes data lakes cheaper, faster, and more accessible.