LYFT Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) has announced that it will expand its Adaptive Bike Library program. This program enables people with disabilities to ride adaptive bicycles. The program will now be in New York through Lyft’s partnership with Achilles International, an organisation for disabled athletes.

The initiative, which will be in Central Park, will enable disabled people wanting to ride bicycles to access training from professionals. They will learn how to ride tandem bikes and handcycles. This project will occur in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan and will take place from May to November.

Lyft collaborated with multiple parties on the project

Other parties that Lyft has collaborated with on the project are the New York Department of Transportation and the Ability Project run by NYU. Although this initiative is mainly for disabled people, Lyft has stated that everyone else is allowed to take part.

Lyft hopes to increase access to adaptive bikes for disabled people as they are typically cumbersome, expensive and hard for people with small apartments to store. The project will also serve as a recreation for the disabled. It will also be a great way to socialise.

Lyft driver kicks woman out of his car

A video of a Lyft driver named James W. Bode has gone viral on Facebook. In the video, Bode kicks a woman out of his car after she makes racist remarks. The video shows the woman entering his vehicle and then asking him if he is white and speaks English. Bode, who found the questions inappropriate asked her to leave the car. He later filed a report against the woman’s partner as he had threatened him with assault.

The man had threatened to punch Bode immediately after he kicked his partner out of his car. He then used a racial slur to refer to Bode.

The video also gained over 3.3million views on Twitter. Police are now investigating the woman, who they have identified as a bar owner. The whole incident was recorded on his in-vehicle camera.

Lyft has since praised the driver, who it says upheld its anti-discrimination and no tolerance policies. The company is also conducting investigations on the couples and has promised to take action.