Airship AI Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: AISP), a prominent figure in AI-driven surveillance technology, has announced a significant contract award from a Department of Justice (DOJ) agency. The contract encompasses a base year with four option years for the deployment of the Company’s Acropolis Enterprise Sensor Management platform. This system supports emerging public safety and investigative requirements, marking a pivotal expansion in the utilization of Airship AI’s technology within federal operations.

Paul Allen, President of Airship AI, expressed his enthusiasm for the contract, stating, “This award represents a substantial expansion of an existing deployment of our Acropolis eco-system, validating our ability to scale in size and scope as the agencies’ requirements grow.” The contract also highlights a strategic shift as the customer will transition from on-premises operations to a FedRAMP certified cloud environment, leveraging advancements made by other DOJ and Department of Homeland Security agencies.

Airship AI’s Acropolis system is a sophisticated backend enterprise management system designed to handle extensive networks of devices and sensors. It integrates seamlessly with the cloud or can operate via Airship AI’s Outpost AI Edge Appliance. The Outpost AI, built on the NVIDIA Jetson platform, provides cutting-edge analytics and efficient data management capabilities at the network’s edge, ensuring secure and fast data processing back to the cloud.

Reflecting on the company’s trajectory, Mr. Allen added, “Reflected in our existing pipeline for 2024, we believe the successful conversion of this opportunity into a potentially long-term contractual relationship further signifies the strength and maturity of our pipeline.” He elaborated on the rigorous and lengthy process of product validation for government use, emphasizing the robustness of Airship AI’s solutions and the dedication of their team.

Today’s market response was overwhelmingly positive, with Airship AI’s stock closing at $4.6200, up 47.13% at the close of the trading day. Although there was a slight dip in after-hours trading, the company’s shares still showed strong performance, indicating robust investor confidence in its future prospects. The trading volume was also notably higher than average, reflecting heightened interest in Airship AI’s stock following the announcement.

For organizations interested in exploring Airship AI’s array of enterprise video and data management solutions, they can reach out via email to to learn more about the potential benefits for their operations.

About Airship AI Holdings, Inc.

Airship AI Holdings, Inc. is a leader in developing and deploying AI-driven video, sensor, and data management surveillance solutions. Based in Redmond, Washington, the company has significantly expanded its footprint in government and private sectors, offering innovative solutions that enhance security and operational efficiency.