Blue Water Global Group Inc (OTCBB:BLUU) said that Indigo Bay has finished with its activities of general site preparation, as required by the St. Maarten Blue Water Bar & Grill. The preparations activities involved extensive excavation work. The site has now been handed over to the company’s general contractor known as Contrast Construction Company, N.V.

The future operations

Contrast Construction will conduct a final site survey. After it is completed it will start with preparation work of concrete foundation and related structures. The site will have a solid concrete foundation. The exterior walls will be poured concrete. It is a special design element that will help it to survive and quickly restart on the heels of probable future hurricanes and tropical storms.

The activities

Blue Water said that the general contractor will commence with the kitchen building. It will be then followed by the restroom structure and septic system, and conclude with the bar and pool work. The entire concrete work is projected to take about 90 working days. The installation tasks related to the decking and large tiki roof will be done after the completion of the concrete work.

The updates

Blue Water said that it will keep its shareholders updated of ongoing construction developments by posting latest pictures of the site under construction on the Blue Water Bar & Grill website and related Facebook page.

The management speaks

Scott Sitra, the CEO of Blue Water Global Group Inc (OTCBB:BLUU) said that the excavation and site preparation work started without any problems. It was tremendously thrilling to observe the construction site appear out of the mountain and extend out onto the beach. However, the real construction work will commence now. The management will share additional information and progress with shareholders in the coming weeks and months as the company’s vision slowly turns into a reality.