TITAN MEDICAL INC (OTCMKTS:TITXF) said that it has finished the next important step in the development of its key product named as SPORT™ Surgical System. It successfully completed the design as well as test of a feasibility prototype. The results show feasibility to create a next generation workstation and develop advanced instruments. The latest progress allows for expanded use of the ‘SPORT Surgical System’.

The numerous uses

Dennis Fowler who is the Executive VP of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs said that the team of Titan Medical is pleased to achieve its planned objectives. The new system has the capability to provide highly skillful and advanced tools on an affordable, compact and mobile platform. The new system covers 3D high definition imaging and a advanced workstation. There are customized master controllers on the workstation that will make the process extremely easy. The management believes that this system will change the entire scenario of the surgical indications. It will be of significant use in various abdominal surgery indications including urologic, general surgery and gynecologic procedures.

The validated features of system

John Hargrove, the CEO of Titan Medical said that the features of the system have been supported by ‘voice of customer’ input. The SPORT Surgical System will enable the users to record a substantial amount of return on investment clinically, financially as well as and operationally. The company has been performing well on several segments. In last trading session, the stock prices consolidated and closed at $1.46.

The profile and operations

TITAN MEDICAL INC (OTCMKTS:TITXF) is a Canadian public company that is working on the development work of a robotic surgical system. It is an important project as the system will be used for application in minimally invasive surgery. The Company’s SPORT™ Surgical System is in the development phase. It features a surgeon-controlled robotic platform and a workstation.