Creative Edge Nutrition Inc (OTCMKTS:FITX) announced a letter to its shareholders talking about the status of CEN Biotech’s application submitted with Health Canada. In past week weeks, there have been several speculations related with CEN Biotech’s application that was submitted with Health Canada in September 2013.

The application was to obtain the license as a medicinal pot producer under MMPR program. On February 13, Health Canada issued Creative Edge a “Letter of Intent to Deny” the application, which CEN Biotech received after a week.

The details

On March 11, CEO Bill Chaaban was given a notice from Health Canada, rejecting the application submitted by CEN Biotech to get the license. The company was denied the license to product medical pot under MMPR program. As per Creative Edge, no internal research was performed in denying the License.

 It is believed to be resulted from mischaracterizations in the media to destroy CEN Biotech’s name in the Court of public opinion. The letter further said that due to CEN Biotech’s unending affinity for its shareholders, the company will not permit mischaracterizations and the dissemination of falsities to hamper its name or operations. The company will continue to fight through all legal means to obtain a licensure.

The misrepresentations

Creative Edge added that purposely, due to the misrepresentations and fraud circulated by certain news groups and dishonest bashers planning to destroy the Company’s reputation for the reason of monetary and political benefits, the Company has approached the federal court of Canada. It will decide whether CEN Biotech has complied with all of the guidelines for license issuance.

The decision regarding license must be based on the true facts and evidence. The management of CEN Biotech believes that when the Court evaluates the facts, it will agree with the company’s position. The facts cannot be disregarded, and the facts related to the CEN Biotech application favors issuance of a license.