Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS:TRTC) announced updates related with the launch and development of its IVXX branded cannabis products. It stated that the brand of outstanding quality cannabis products is available at the Green Door. It is one of the San Francisco’s superior medical cannabis facilities. The facility has served the patient community since 2005.

The availability

Derek Peterson, the CEO of Terra Tech, said that the company is excited as the IVXX brand is available in San Francisco. The Green Door facility has provided the premium level of service and medications to patients since many years. The IVXX extracts meet the high standards for quality, efficacy and consistency that is required as medications for patients. The demand for product has surpassed the company’s expectations. Terra Tech is working assiduously to augment both production and product offerings.

The products

Terra Tech stated that IVXX products are given to qualified patients via approved medical marijuana dispensaries that operate in full compliance. Soon, the company will be introducing a full website in support of the brand. It will be a knowledge platform for patients and brand enthusiasts to learn and know more about the products under IVXX brand names. They would be able to locate local retailers and can also buy IVXX branded gear. The concentrates for IVXX will be produced at The Oakland-based laboratory.

The profile

Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS:TRTC) through its subsidiary firm GrowOp Technology specializes in the field of controlled environment agricultural technologies. It combines advanced hydroponic equipment with proprietary hardware and software to offer sustainable solutions and offerings for home practitioners and indoor agriculture enterprises. Its product line is available at specialty retailers in the U.S. Also, the products can be bought from website. Through another subsidiary, the company grows a superior brand of hydroponic produce. On Thursday’s trading session, Terra Tech opened with gains of 4%, trading at $0.195.