EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) posted that its devices shipments surged 250% to 64 in 4Q2014. The company rented or offered almost 110 units to 80 clients. It started a nine-center Pan European trial assessing how the EKSO GT can affect the clinical results for patients suffering from spinal cord injury. It will evaluate the impact of EKSO GT on secondary implication linked with spinal cord injury.

The updates

Ekso Bionics stated that the utilization is on rise with almost 17 million steps recorded since it sold first Ekso unit back in 2012. Nathan Harding, the Chief Executive said that it is the support of clients and stakeholders made it possible to report substantial progress in the first year of operation as a public entity. He also said the team has contributed equally in the accomplishment of the company. There was substantial growth recorded in all divisions. The YOY shipments of medical equipments in Africa, Europe and the Middle East are up over 300%.However, it came lower at 150% in North America.

The performance

Ekso laboratories revenue jumped over 40% in 4Q2014. It has now tracked over 17 million steps recorded in medical devices. It was well supported with a fantastic safety record. Even it got recognition from the U.S. Special Operation Command as they approved a second phase award for TALOS project.

The change in management

EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) expanded its board to six with the inclusion of Stanley Stern. The management stated that Ekso filed a 510(k) form related to Ekso GT robotic exoskeleton in 2014. As of now, it is in talks with the FDA to fulfill regulatory guidelines resulting from the progress of Class II product classification for exoskeletons in the U.S. The company ended a warrant solicitation in which holders to purchase 22.8 million shares approved to exercise their $2.00 warrants at a price of $1.00 a share.