ITonis Inc (OTCMKTS:ITNS) informed that Hensley Brothers Distribution LLC has begun with its convenience store test marketing process of Emesyl Nausea Relief. The test marketing will be conducted in three ARCO convenience stores based in Lodi.

Test marketing

Steven Hensley, the VP of Hensley Brothers Distribution, said that test marketing is significant for various reasons. ARCO is a renowned nationally represented identity and provides an opportunity for national penetration and broad visibility. The compact size of the stores permits for well-formulated and efficient market analysis. Mark Cheung, the CEO of ITonis, said that the company is delighted with the progress the distributor has achieved towards putting Emesyl Nausea Relief on the stores’ shelves in the U.S.

The profile

Itonis Pharmaceuticals is an integral part of Itonis Inc. and is headed by Charles Hensley, Ph.D. The mission of the segment is to develop and sell prescription and OTC homeopathic offerings. Hensley was also the founder of the firm that developed Zicam Cold Remedy. Itonis was established in 2005 and located in Laguna Hills. The company focuses on the distribution of various products to the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

The other news

Besides launching Emesyl Nausea Relief at the three ARCO outlets, the distribution company also announced that the product will be featured at the NACDS Total Expo in Colorado. The Expo will be organized on August 22 to August 25. It is the largest meeting of retailers and suppliers in the food and drug sector. More than 230 retail companies accounting for almost 145,000 outlets are anticipated to participate in NACDS Expo.

The future ahead

Although the Distribution Company will be presenting numerous products during the Expo, the main focus will be on Emesyl Nausea Relief. Hensley stated that the company is ready to take the product to much higher level. The Expo offers an opportunity to achieve that with a great potential for success. However, the main problem for ITonis is that it is introducing a product in a very crowded market.