Bayside Corp (OTCMKTS:BYSD) reported interim gross sales revenue from its Hong Kong sale of Vault 51 and Bitcoin. The company through its subsidiary firm Bitcoinz USA initiated the sale of Bitcoin and Vault 51 in Hong Kong on March 24. Since that time Bayside Corp has recorded gross sales revenue of more than $250,000.

Also, the company sale of Vault 51 and Bitcoin to institutional clients acted as a catalyst for its revenue figures in the region. It plans to make the sale of Bitcoin and Vault 51 available to customers all across China via independent operators in the near future.

The plans

The number of retailers that now accept Bitcoin virtual currency is projected to have cross 100,000 worldwide. The figures indicate that there is a lot more room for growth. Bayside Corp’s subsidiary Bitcoinz USA believes that the U.S. as a world leader is a prominent player in the next stage of Bitcoin’s growth and evolution.

As retailers, corporations and the international nations follow the lead of the U.S. and American corporations by accepting Bitcoin virtual currency as a form of payment for service and goods, the larger Bitcoin eco-community will grow worldwide.

The system

Vault 51 can be defined as an offline storage system meant for Bitcoin users. It is represented by a Physical Bitcoin. When it comes to the electronic Bitcoin, it is stored off-line in a secured and safe computer chip termed as Vault 51 and then embedded in a Physical Bitcoin. It is disconnected from the internet. The entire process is stated as cold storage and is designed to avoid loss, hacking, or theft.

In March, Bayside subsidiary Bitcoinz USA wrote an open letter to the Greece Minister of Finance. It was focused on the acceptance of Bitcoin to stimulate economic growth. In last trading session, the stock price of Bayside declined 11.11% to close the trading session at $0.00080.