That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) managed to maintain its near 52-week high levels as the impact of the created hype withers away. The stock’s robust rally over the last few days can be accredited to the coverage from the Small Cap IR, a research firm, which analyzes micro-small cap companies. The research firm infused a new hope in investors of the company by highlighting the competitive edge of That Marketing Solution in the nutritional supplements industry.

Quickly setting position in supplementary market

In its report, the Small Cap IR mentioned that That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) has successfully got its hands on proprietary rights of a formula that consists of a series of nutritional supplements. The formula named as Low-T Vitamin Formula capsules are over-the-counter, and natural non-FDA regulated supplements.

The formula addresses the growing issues of decline in testosterone levels in men over age 30 years. The report coupled with the company’s notable performance in February, which went hard for most of the companies in the supplement industry, was enough for the company to receive the investors’ attention.

Points to ponder

While the developments mentioned in the report and as a whole are comforting, but financials of That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) present a different story. As per the latest report published in February, the company held $771 in cash and $24,000 in current assets. Its current liabilities as in February were $228,000. The company reported NIL revenues and $62,000 as net loss.

The numbers are completely dissatisfactory and indicate the instability of the company. Though That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) sounded reassuring while announcing the receipt of a first order for micellized ingredient production, its financial condition remains worrisome.

The stock of That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) ended the last session 0.81% lower at $0.549, which is still close to its 52-week high as 421,000 shares traded on the day.