The improved market conditions in China have started showing their impact on various companies running their operations in peculiar sectors. The latest in this series is BOREAL WATER COLLECT (OTCMKTS:BRWC), which has received an order for its Boreal Baby Water from China Resource vanguard.

What’s There In This Deal For Boreal Water Collect:

China Resource Vanguard is undoubtedly the largest and most sought after food and beverage products retailer in China. Getting an order from China Resource means that Boreal Water will not only be able to strengthen its presence in China, but also enhance its revenues. If everything goes as per plans, then Baby Water of Boreal will be made available in more than 300 stores of China Resource Vanguard across the country.

Even though the exact size of the order is still unknown, but if the sales projections of China Resource Vanguard are met, then the company might think about placing a large order. Experts claim that it can be the largest order received by Boreal Water from any company in China. Boreal Water is advancing higher with every passing day in terms of revenue numbers, and successful execution of this deal can prove to be a game-changing step for the company.

As per the reports, it managed to earn $2.41 million revenues in the previous year ended on December 31, 2014 as compared to $2.15 million revenues reported on December 31, 2013. The company registered an approximate growth rate of 12% in 2014, which is all set to touch new heights at the end of the current year. If everything goes fine, then Boreal will earn almost double of what it made in the previous year with the help of the business it will do in China alone. Management of the company is looking forward to the successful execution of this deal.