HempTech, a fully owned subsidiary of FutureWorld Corp (OTCMKTS:FWDG) has decided to sign a teaming agreement with Second Sun Grow. As per the reports, the primary reason behind this agreement is nothing but to facilitate the technology innovations to its customers.

The Road Ahead:

HempTech yearns to make its customers feel on top of the world with the help of the latest technology. As per the reports, initially it will look forward to offering SmartNergy along with Energy CaNNaLyTiX in the form of Energy Management System. HempTech plans to offer these services with predictive building automation solutions in order to make sure that customers get the diagnostic engine and advanced fault detection.

The management of the company thinks that it will make the lives of people easy and comfortable. Apart from these couple of high-end offerings, the company will also provide a few other solutions such as CannaTRAK and SmartSense to track tangible assets and manage soil properties.

As per the reports, it’s not going to be a one-way traffic. Both the companies will get benefitted from this agreement. While HempTech will get to offer the latest technologies to its customers, Second Sun Grow will also get CaNNaLyTiX solution for various projects. Reports claim that there are more than 30,000SF in Washington State, which will get benefitted significantly by this agreement.

Management of Second Sun Grow is excited to enter into this agreement deal. During an interview, the Co-Founder of Second Sun Grow, Michael Stonehill explained that it’s going to be a wonderful journey with HempTech. Second Sun Grow looks forward to utilizing CannaTRAK, SmartNergy, and SmartSense with CaNNaLyTiX and its software dedicated towards asset management across the country. The agreement will help Second Sun Grow to enhance its customer base and enhance the ability to optimize and track the ideal conditions for the crop.