In last trading session, the stock price of Diamante Minerals Inc (OTCBB:DIMN) declined 3.57% to close at $2.16 with share volume of 294,981 compared to an average volume of 74,199. The stock price made a low of 1.79 and then pulled back to close at $2.16. DIMN stock made a 52-week low of $0.90 in the first week of February.

The consistent performance

Since then, it has been performing well on the OTC marketplace. There are hardly any sharp declines or red closings. The last two months have been quite solid for the company. It is an illiquid stock but have seen rise in interest recently. Apparently, traders and shareholders are not too bothered about DIMN stock’s relatively higher price and the surging volumes.

No reasons

Recently, the interest in Diamante stocks is growing but it is not supported by any news, press release, pumps or solid financials. The company posted last press released almost five months ago. It announced the Joint venture deal back in November 2014 but has failed to close till this time. The investors are probably too optimistic about the deal. They need to understand that the company will need funds of at least $1 million to complete the joint venture deal.

The number game

As per the latest 10-Q posted at the end of January, Diamante had cash of $800, 000. The current liabilities came at $132, 000 and current assets stood at $801,000. The most surprising part is the company has not posted any revenue since inception. Also, the quarterly net loss came at $193, 000. So, the investors and traders can do little more than expect that the management will be generate to arrange the necessary funds and get the things moving ahead. It is the major problem for the company.

The management

Diamante Chief Executive Chad Ulansky took the control of the company five month ago. The expert is no stranger to mining firms on the Canadian stock platform. He has worked with several entities. However, most of the firms have not achieved substantial success under his leadership.