Wellness Center USA Inc (OTCMKTS:WCUI) confirmed the progressive launch of its targeted UV LED Phototherapy equipment, Psoria-Light, at the recent Annual Meeting. It is the first device in the world of DEEP UV LED Targeted Phototherapy capable of effectively curing several of skin diseases including Psoriasis, Eczema, and Vitiligo. The device is an effective way to treat the problems without any risks and high costs related with Excimer lasers. PSI entered into various pre-purchase deals with a number of US physicians at the famous show with units anticipated to be delivered in April to May 2015.

The show

Considered the show highlighting the achievements and progress made in the global dermatology community, the Annual Meeting backed by the American Academy of Dermatology was an ideal venue for launching the Psoria-Light. Wellness Center received strong interest from the visitors and experts. The initial response of the device prior to the joint venture deal between TMA and WCUI provided the compelling reason to TMA to believe that they have an innovative product capable of translating into the standard in the industry.

The interest

The management of TMA said that now dealt directly with the equipment and recording the level of interest from the experts from dermatology segment, the management never felt more confident about the revenue potential of the Psoria-Light and the partnership with Wellness Center.

The features

The new device is best on the market for treating several skin diseases. Psoria-Light’s unique patented LED technology provides effective operational and clinical versatility in energy delivery which enables physicians to easily differentiate patient treatment aspect to meet each patient’s needs. The device unique features permits service providers with numerous benefits in patient records, patient outcomes, treatment comfort, and acquisition expenses when compared to conservative Excimer lasers. In last trading session, the stock price of WCUI surged 7.45% to close at $0.274.