In order to keep all the shareholders informed about its business initiatives, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (OTCBB:FMCC) has announced that it would pre-market its first actual loss STACR offering. As per the reports, STACR 2015-DNA1 will be made available from April 13, 2015, subject to favorable market conditions.

What’s In This Announcement:

According to the reports made available by the company, the actual loss STACR offering of the company will not be much different from the STACR deals that took place recently. The only major difference between these two will be in the form of allocation of losses. Unlike the last time when losses were allocated to the debt notes on the basis of a fixed severity approach, the company will look forward to allocating losses based on the actual loss amount on the concerned reference obligations.

Freddie Mac will continue to sell mezzanine tranches and first loss, but at the same time, it will also retain a vertical slice of every sold tranche. It will be company’s third STACR deal in 2015 and also the first actual loss transaction overall.

The extra-ordinary loan-level data set of Freddie Mac covers more than 17 million fixed-rate single-family mortgages with an average duration of 30-year. Those who want to know more details about the mortgage transactions of the company can log into its official website and have a look into it. As per the reports, the information that has been made available online covers transactions that took place between January 1, 1999 to and June 30, 2013.

The management of the company is delighted to announce this initiative. According to Mike Reynolds, Vice President, Credit Risk Transfer, Freddie Mac, the private investors will have to bear the maximum credit risk in the future market. Most of the transactions will be actual loss based in the future; therefore, Freddie Mac’s initiative to begin its journey in the same field with next STACR offering is very calculative.