PositiveID Corp (OTCMKTS:PSID) is a renowned developer of various diagnostics solutions and biological detection. Recently, it announced that it had completed additional testing of real-time polymerase-chain reaction-pathogen detection system and phase II Firefly Dx prototype handheld successfully. During the testing procedure, the company detected various organisms along with a multiplex assay that was designed to test more than four pathogens on the single Firefly Dx PCR chip.

Insights On The Matter:

The primary objective of the company behind coming up with Firefly Dx is to offer accurate and real-time diagnostic results in a handheld device. It will make possible the treatment in those scenarios that don’t look possible in today’s time. As per the reports, all the treatments that require an organized laboratory-based system and often take hours to get finished, can be executed without any extra equipment and time if Firefly Dx is used.

Multiple testing is one of the most intended benefits of Firefly Dx. When it was tested to check its efficiency in the long run and critical situations, PositiveID posted desired PCR results with repeated and consistent detection of all the possible challenges.

All the applications of Firefly include various important features such as detection of biological agents, point-of-need, and detection of pathogenic organisms, lab-quality, and agricultural screening in domestic sectors as well as developing countries. One of the problems that the world is facing today is nothing but the development of weapons that can cause mass destruction. With the help of Firefly application, all the biological agents that are associated with it can be recognized.

PositiveID Corp (OTCMKTS:PSID) looks forward to continuing phase II prototype’s testing that includes partners’ assays and assays developed by the company. PCR chip is one of the most sought after projects of the company; hence, it also looks forward to reducing the time-to-result on this chip.