The biotechnology industry has been growing at a rapid pace, so as the companies in this industry. Amongst many such companies, one is OXIS International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OXIS). As per the reports, the company has resumed trading on Euronext Paris once again after a long gap.

Insights On The Announcement:

OXIS is one of the leading biotechnology companies with the prime focus on commercialization and development of cancer therapy in the best possible way. It has started trading on Euronext Paris beginning from April 14, 2015. As per the reports, once the trading starts, all the shares will not trade in the ordinary mode, but in a double call auction trading mode.

It’s nothing but the fixed mode, which will continue for some time. Earlier when OXIS was listed on stock exchange, it used to trade on continuous trading mode, but since it has resumed trading after a significant period, it has taken a safer way.

The management team of the company is delighted to announce this news. According to Anthony Cataldo, Chief Executive Officer, OXIS, it’s good to be back. The company believes that its new trading model will increase the efficient trading process across various markets on Euronext and OTC Bulletin Board. As per the reports, Euronext Paris has given the final approval for trading.

Even though the company has initiated trading on Euronext Paris, but the response is not that good. Investors are yet to find their trust after a long gap of several months. According to reports, its closing price on Monday was $0.0325, 12.16% less than the previous close. The senior management of the company is optimistic about company’s good performance in the long run. It’s too early to judge the overall trust of customers on OXIS International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OXIS). As the time progresses, it will find its way and advance towards the top of the chart.