Tommy Chong Cannabis Green Card of Fastfunds Financial Corporation (OTCMKTS:FFFC) has been featured on Yahoo Finance in an interview with none other than Tommy Chong. As per the reports, the interview was titled as “Tommy Chong’s solution for pot’s banking problem.”

Insights On This Announcement:

It is a great achievement for Fastfunds Financial which looks forward to coming up with some of the innovative solutions to make things easier for all the customers. The recent interview will not only help the company to expand its reach, but also make known to other people as how can they use its Tommy Chong Cannabis Green Card in an effective way.

All those investors and other stakeholders of the company who want to have a glimpse at this wonderful interview and browse the official website of Yahoo and search the interview by its title as mentioned above.

Tommy Chong is a famous writer, actor, activist, director and musician. His marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums have got a huge round of applause from critics as well as layman viewers who want to know more about marijuana. He has also received appreciation for acting with Cheech Marin in movies.

He has also acted in the famous ‚ÄúThat ’70s Show” of Fox studio. In this show, his character named Leo has entertained not only kids, but also old age people. His most recent assignment is with ABC’s Dancing with the Stars show. Chong has always been a strong proponent of the legalization of marijuana, and he continues to put forth his views in this show as well.

The best thing about this interview that was recently featured on Yahoo Finance that Chong explained all the difficult concepts and information in such a way that viewers got the message clearly. As a result of this interview, Fastfunds has been able to perform well in the stock market on Monday. It ended the day at $0.00990 without any change in previous day’s price.