The long awaited entrance of Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE)┬áis likely to take place eventually. As per the reports, the company has got an initial PO and related deposit from the South Korean firm Cure Korea.

The information was made available to all the shareholders by Matthew Veal, CEO of Hangover Joe’s. According to him, it’s a major progress that will help the company to introduce its flagship product Hangover Recovery in Korea and other Asian markets. Hangover Joe’s has been trying hard since 2013, and the receipt of the purchase order from Cure Korea is the biggest achievement of the company to date.

Road So Far:

The South Korean government and the Korean version of FDA are very strict about Dietary supplements. Hangover Joe’s had to make a lot of efforts to get it accepted. As per the information revealed by Hangover Joe’s, Cure Korea helped it finishing all the formalities in a hassle-free way. Apart from Cure Korea’s timely help, the team of beverage scientists at Hangover Joe’s also worked round the clock to test and formulate the latest trends. The only objective was to develop a hangover recovery shot with an objective to make it work well on the human body.

While the South Korean focus group tested the product, Hangover Joe’s worked on effect and flavor. The initial results give a high hope for this product to break the previous records and become the highest selling drug in major Asian markets like Japan, Korea, and China. The Hangover Recovery product that the company intends to sell in the Asian market is different from its U.S. edition, but Cure Korea is delighted with the progress that Hangover Joe’s has made so far.

According to Shawn Adamson, Head of sales, Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE), there were a lot of people who said that Hangover Recovery could never enter in the Asian market. But it never stopped the company from putting hard work. Hangover Joe’s will continue to explore other international markets in the coming months.