The leading exoskeleton company EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO)‘s Ekso Labs division has signed a contract with U.S. Special Operations Command with regard to upper extremity TALOS project. After a successful conclusion of the previous project, both the firms will now work on developing an upper extremity part for TALOS Mk III.

EKSO doesn’t leave any stone when it comes to working. Be it TALOS or a government project like DARPA, the firm makes 100% efforts to ensure a successful conclusion. The U.S. Patent Office has decided to grant it three new patents after taking into consideration its efforts in DARPA project.

What’s TALOS Project Is All About:

SOCOM made public in 2014 that it was working on coming up with a wearable uniform that could provide superhuman protection, superior mobility and capability to their Special Operations Forces. U.S. Special Operations Command is trying hard to move further in the same direction by developing its exoskeleton. With the help of this exoskeleton, Special Operations Soldiers will get ballistic protection from head to toe.

Russ Angold, Co‚Äźfounder of Ekso Bionics & President of Ekso Labs, it’s a proud moment for the company to engage in a commercial relation with SOCOM once again. Continuing to its past success, Ekso will look forward to contributing to TALOS project in the coming days. Ekso is committed towards offering second to none exoskeletons for various usage by pushing technology to the next level, which gives it an edge over others.

The current project will fall in line with Ekso’s commitment to developing upper extremity exoskeletons in the near future. Ekso Bionics develops, designs and commercializes wearable robots or exoskeletons that have a wide range of usage in the military, medical, consumer, and industrial markets.

EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) looks forward to engaging in various other such projects in the near future.