Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI) has identified a few companies that meet its acquisition criteria. As per the reports, it’s talking to all the potential acquisition partners concerning the future possibilities. The company has already begun the valuation process, which will help it selecting the best entities.

The primary objective of Valmie Resources is to seek acquisition opportunities with companies that have good potential a strategic fit and value creating synergies in UAV or unnamed aerial vehicle technology.

How Things Will Move Forward:

The company has recently visited Unmanned Systems 2015 conference organized by the AUVSI or the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. A wide range of companies participated in that conference. Reports claim that it identified a few potential entities during the conference, and will now contact them to take things forward. Apart from this, Valmie will also use other resources to identify potential companies that meet the minimum criteria set by it. Most of the companies that Valmie is trying to identify have performed tremendously in terms of latest technologies and innovations in the growth of the aerial robotic industry.

The senior management of Valmie is delighted to share this update with all the shareholders. According to Gerald B. Hammack, Chief Executive Officer & President, Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI), the company has decided to move beyond the organic growth due to changed market conditions. It looks forward to finding such companies that can help it capturing market share in commercial drone sector. The ongoing identification process will bolster Vamlie’s portfolio and help it locating winners at an early stage.

The most recent acquisition of Valmie is Vertitek, Inc, which the company bought some time ago. Vertitek is a promising frontrunner in the aerial vehicle technology. As per the information made available by the company, Vertitek and Valmie are working together on developing V-1 Drone, which is going to be adapted by an international crop monitoring client.