Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE) is proud to announce that it has received deposit and purchase order from Cure Korea. As per the reports, it’s one of the biggest steps for Hangover Joe’s to expand in the Asian market.

Management’s Call:

The senior leadership team of Hangover Joe’s is delighted to make this announcement. According to Matthew Veal, Chief Executive Officer, Hangover Joe’s, it’s an important step for Hangover Joe’s concerning its growth in the Asian market. The firm has been trying to make available its recovery product into Asia since 2013, and this is a prominent step in the same direction. The FDA in South Korea is very strict about clearing any product in the country; therefore, Hangover Joe’s achievement is phenomenal in every term.

Veal states that Cure Korea helped it in the best possible way to get through the difficult time. Many beverage scientists of Hangover Joe’s spent countless hours testing, formulating and using the latest trends to come up with an effective hangover recovery shot. As per the reports, it works amazingly on the human body.

South Koreans focus group tested the product while Hangover Joe’s worked on its effect and flavor. The entire senior management team believes that it will be the best selling hangover relief drink in Japan, Korea and China. Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE) newly launched ‘Hangover Recovery Shot’ is different from the products that the company sells in U.S. market, but still there are a lot of similarities between these two. There was hardly anyone who believed in Hangover Joe’s ability to come up with a product like this, but continuous hard work of production team helped the company realizing this dream.

The entire management team is excited about this development and hopes to have a lasting impression on Asian customers. The product has a high potential to be successful in the Korean market in the near future.