EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO), a leading robotic company, has announced that its Ekso Labs divison has entered into a contract with U.S. Special Operations Command for the fulfillment ofupper extremity TALOS project. It’s the third time when both of these entities have signed a contract.

After successful conclusion of the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit or TALOS project previously, both of these entities will concentrate on the development of TALOS Mk III’s upper extremity part. Ekso Bionics has worked efficiently on its recent government project including DARPA, which has prompted the US Patent Office to grant it three new patents.

Special Operations Command’s Initiatives:

In 2014, SOCOM made public that it was working on a wearable uniform that provides superior mobility, protection and various superhuman capabilities to Special Operations Forces. As per the reports, U.S. Special Operations Command is trying hard for developing exoskeleton that will equip U.S. Special Force troops with ballistic protection from head to toe.

EKSO Bionics CEO Backs The Project:

The senior manatement team of Ekso Bionics is delighted to announce this contract. According to Russ Angold, Co‚Äźfounder of Ekso Bionics & President of Ekso Labs, it’s a proud moment for the company to sign a contract with SOCOM for the third time. Ekso Bionics looks forward to contributing towards TALOS project in the future as well.

EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) is committed towards pushing technology to an all new level with an objective to help the national government achieving its objectives. The current project will help the company for the commercial development of upper extremity exoskeletons.

Ekso Bionics developes, designs and commercializes wearable robots that can play an important role in military, medical, consumer and industrial markets. Exoskeletons are battery powered, ready-to-wear that can be strapped over users’ clothes and enable them to achieve strength, mobility and endurance not possible through any other way.