Since the day TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) came up with Rocky Mountain High infused beverage products, customers have been giving an excellent response to it. Now, the company has been on the lookout of various distribution means. As per the reports, it has added four new distributors to the team responsible for Rocky Mountain High.

As per the information made available by Jerry Grisaffi, Founder Totally Hemp, these four distributors include Mad Beez LLC, Hemp Global Products Inc., The Epic Group and 4orth Enterprises.

Insights On These Four Distributors:

Gresaffi claims that Mad Beez LLC will look forward to distributing Rocky Mountain High infused beverage products in Minneapolis-Saint Paul region in Minnesota. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul region is famous as twin cities and can prove to be an amazing market for Rocky Mountain High team. The distribution team will be led by Mark Miles, who will focus on enhancing Rocky Mountain’s market share as well as customer retention programs.

Miles is excited to be a part of Rocky Mountain High distribution team. According to him, the current trends suggest that Rocky Mountain High will surpass all of the sales projections and set new records in the Minnesota.

The next distributor, Hemp Global Products Inc. will look after the distribution of Rocky Mountain High in Grand Rapids, Michigan region. It’s the second largest city and can make available second to none market opportunities for Totally Hemp’s flagship product. Hemp Global Products’ CEO Izzy Quintanilla comes with an extensive experience in selling hemp beverages.

Joe Radcliff of The Epic Group in Ft. Wayne, Indiana is ready to roll the ball as soon as possible. He thinks that Rocky Mountain High has everything that the city may want; hence, sales of this product is likely to set new records within the next few months. 4orth Enterprises, led by Prajwal Bohara will look after distribution activities in Fort Worth, Texas.

Totally Hemp will keep updating on its progress over the coming months.