Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) reported that after months of preparation, its decortication line is now being put together for operation. As per the report, Mr. Reiner Busch, Temafa’s German engineer, arrived at company’s decortication facility in North Carolina this week. He has started with the reassembly work and the progress is stated to be encouraging. Temafa, the maker of decortication line, is a pioneer firm in the global blending solutions market with more than 120 years of experience in the manufacturing of fibre opening, blending and cleaning systems.

The process

David Schmitt, the CEO of Hemp’s subsidiary said that it was a lengthy and long procedure to approach the point of reassembly. There was substantial preparatory work required to be completed before the reassembly work. It was required to make sure that the electrical foundation was unharmed. Duke Energy has concluded the process of bringing three-phase power routed to decortication facility in Spring Hope.

The entire process involved the setting up of numerous new power poles along a road into Spring Hope. The next step is to install new transformer so that facility can get the 480 volt 3-phase power. It is expected to complete in the coming weeks. Duke Energy wanted the line to have an access road on the property so as to install and manage the new transformer.

The final stage

With initial stages almost completed and Mr. Busch on site, the final phase of the decortication machinery assemblage has stated. Schmitt of Hemp Inc stated that with Mr. Busch’s proficiency in Temafa equipment, they are going through each part of machinery thoroughly to examine it and authenticate that all essential repairs were made. To capture and document the entire process of reassembly, Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP). has placed video cameras throughout the decortication plant to get live streaming video. The technical team is working to get the live feed on official website.