Auri Inc. (OTCMKTS:AURI) recently announced the shipment of its first oversized KD canvas, known as Mural Art. The canvas measures 8×10 feet and was delivered to the company’s first customer of the product, “Rooms To Go.”The product had been under development for over a year now and is expected to contribute greatly to the company’s sales.

CEO of Auri, Scott Weinert, stated that Mural Art is a proprietary product of the company and it opens up a whole new area of wall décor. He further revealed that Auri plans to target consumers in the retail, hospitality and visual display industries. Rooms To Go will be the official partner for the distribution and marketing of the product. The company expects the product to make an immediate impact on the market.

Mr. Weinert also pointed out that the canvas is perfect for people looking to decorate an entire wall with a single piece of art or buying an industrial mural. The product adds to the company’s portfolio of home décor. It is also expected to become a substantial revenue getter for the company, along with the newly acquired subsidiary Phoenix Fulfillment Group. The new subsidiary was seen as a major turning point for Auri, which experienced a 200% increase in revenues.

Auri seems to be in a significantly better position than it was last year; the company has become well equipped with a management team comprised of professionals. Additionally, the new team also seems to be one with a clear and concise plan of action for Auri. The recent growth of the company has made it shift its design and product development offices twice, in about a month’s time. Auri is also looking towards expanding its portfolio towards a number of areas in the home décor industry, while trying to acquire potential deals with Chinese clients.

Auri Inc. (OTCMKTS:AURI) traded a billion shares during the May 29th session, to close at $0.004. The company has a market capital of $4.02 million.