Soligenix Inc (OTCBB:SNGX) made their presence known at the “2015 Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology Conference”, with a poster and presentation. Soligenix specializes in areas of unmet biomedical needs, which include inflammations, bio-defense and oncology. The company made use of the platform to release data from its preclinical trials of three of its bio-defense programs. Soligenix also reached a partnership agreement with DSG Inc, to fight cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

At the conference Soligenix revealed:

  • SGX943: a drug under development for the treatment of melioidosis and other anti-biotic resistant infections.
  • RiVax: a proprietary vaccine targeting thermo-stable ricin toxin.
  • VeloThrax: another proprietary vaccine targeting thermo-stable anthrax toxins.

As per the details revealed by the company:

  • SGX943 enhances the immune system so the body can resist infections, while keeping a control over inflammations. The drug is supposed to meet with little resistance inside the body, since it does not directly target the bacteria.
  • RiVax has shown promise with primates and also showed assistance in development of ricin antibodies. Additionally, preclinical data has revealed the compound to be non-toxic. However, the antibodies were seen to last for 127 days after three doses.
  • VeloThrax has shown to be effective against anthrax toxins and the antibodies last for up to a year, without the need for booster shots.

Amongst the three drugs, RiVax has the potential to become the most profitable drugs, since FDA has not yet approved any vaccines for ricin toxins.

The company’s dealings with DSG have entitled Soligenix to acquire “web-based patient randomization and data management services”. Soligenix plans to make use of these services in the phase 3 of its clinical study of SGX301. The aim of these services is to make the trails more efficient and reduce the expenses.

Soligenix Inc (OTCBB:SNGX) closed at $1.69, after gaining 13.42% on May 21. The company has 25.71 million shares being traded in the market, with a 52-week range of $0.91-$2.30.