VGTel Inc (OTCMKTS:VGTL), a leading 360 Entertainment & Production service provider, plans to expand 4K business interests with an objective to capitalize on mainstreaming of 4K content in 2015. The announcement was made by its wholly owned subsidiary Motion Picture Sanning Services, Inc. as a continuation of the commitments made by VGtel’s representatives during CES 2015.

Management’s Call:

According to James Humann, COO, Motion Picture Scanning Services, the one thing that the management clearly understood from CES 2015 was that 4K would be the mainstream in 2015. The future of television industry revolves around 4K Ultra HD in a big way. The company tried its hands on restoring, scanning and re-releasing giant screen films in 4K print and witnessed a growing demand for UHD content in the market.

Moreover, the prices of 4K content have fallen very fast lately, which have accelerated the adaption rate of 4K content amazingly. It has become necessary for the companies to make available ample programs in 4K print so that customers can have a wide range of choices to select from. Amongst many other business leaders, Samsung Vice President of Television Program Marketing stated that the industry had shipped more than 800,000 4K/UHD sets in the previous year. Samsung expects to see at least 400% growth in these numbers during the current year.

In this series, a host of companies including Samsung, Disney, Sony, Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Dolby, etc. expressed their views on 4K content during CES 2015. To everyone’s surprised, all of them shared the same vision. As per the reports, these companies are working on producing more 4K content to bolster this industry in the near future through making UHD and 4K content popular among users.

VGTel Inc (OTCMKTS:VGTL) doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to be a part of this growing industry; hence, it plans to introduce as many updates as possible over the next few months.