With an objective to get an edge over its rival companies, American Diversified Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:ADHC) has decided to engage PGP Advisory Group as its digital media and capital market advisor.

As per the reports, ADHC will look forward to using the well-established network of PGP group to foster strong relations with fund managers, analysts, brokers and various other financial professionals. PGP is also known for its digital media capabilities; hence, ADHC will take PGP’s help to strengthen its presence in digital media.

Management Call:

The senior leadership team of Americal Diversified Holdings Corp is delighted to have entered into this partnership and hopes that it will bring beyond expectation incentives for the company in the future. According to Ernest Remo, Chief Executive Officer, ADHC, PGP is known for its digital marketing and capital market expertise; therefore, it’s great to retain their services. This partnership is expected to add the value to ADHC’s digital media presence and capital market engagements.

PGP’s track record in helping others realizing the true value of their potential, and ADHC expects the same out of this relation. There are a few important milestones due in the near future; hence, ADHC looks forward to implementing a significant strategy to enhance shareholders’ awareness and its visibility in the market.

The management of PGP Groups is equally excited to have gotten this opportunity. According to Jeff Ramson, CEO & Founder, PGP Group, it’s wonderful to get selected by ADHC and be a part of its growth strategy. PGP will look forward to implementing quality digital media and capital market programs which will help ADHC build overall awareness and attain a fair value in the near future.

Experts call it a win-win situation for both the firms and feel that they will be able to explore the market opportunities in the best possible way with each other’s support. Management teams of PGP and American Diversified Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:ADHC) will keep updating about further developments from time to time.