Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH), a growing healthcare venture with a prime focus on developing proprietory treatments for people suffering from cancer, appoints Maxim Group LLC as its strategic advisor.

As per the reports, Maxim Group will help the company matters related to investment banking services and strategic corporate planning.

Management Call:

Maxim group is a renowned name in the field of securities, investment banking, and investment management. It will help Propanc Health Group in preparing various strategies to maximize the shareholder value through its investment banking expertise. Apart from this, Maxim will also help Propanc in getting listed on a national stock exchange and performing upto everyone’s expectations after that.

The senior management team of the company is pleased to get associated with Maxim Group. According to James Nathanielsz, Chief Executive Officer, Propanc Health, it’s a proud moment for the company to engage with a leading investment banking firm like Maxim Group. This partnership will surely turn out to be one of the best decisions that Propanc Health has taken lately. With the help of Maxim Group, Propanc will be able to realize its stretagic plans and fulfill the vision over the coming months. The entire management team of Propanc Health is excited to work closely with Maxim Group.

The management of Maxim is equally delighted to have gotten this opportunity. According to Karl Brenza, Head of the Capital Growth Advisory Group, Maxim Group, it’s great to associate with Propanc in value creation and financial domain to help it develop excellent corporate stretagies. Maxim Group has years of experience, amazing growth prospects, strong IP portfolio and intelligent management team to take care of all the challenges in investment banking and investment management domain.

Both the companies look forward to working together to explore the market opportunities and get rid of all the challenges that show up in the future.