CannaVEST Corp (OTCMKTS:CANV) a pioneer manufacturer and distributor of CBD and hemp products, reported the appointment of Gerard “Mac” McCann. He is a known seasoned sales executive associated with natural products industry. McCann will help the company to get increased number of national health food store accounts. He will serve as the Director of sales for CannaVEST’s natural product sales segment.

The objective

The main objective of McCann appointment is to help the company to move forward with its expansion plans and get increased penetration of award-winning cannabinoids products into the market. Mr. McCann brings wealth of experience to the company as he has established national broker firms, introducing new product lines and restricting sales and distribution channels.

He spent the last thirty years establishing a strong reputation and name bringing natural goods to the market at firms such as Organic Therapeutics, Omni Nutraceuticals, Nature’s Answer, Sprunk-Jansen and Nature’s Value Inc. – Naturestar™,

The management speaks

Michael Mona, Jr, the President and Chief Executive of CannaVEST Corp (OTCMKTS:CANV), said that they are very fortunate to have Mr. McCann become a part of the CannaVest family. Building on the increasing demand for company’s products, his role will strengthen their commitment to become the trusted manufacturer and pioneer firm of hemp-based CBD goods within the natural products market.

The CEO added that he is confident that Mr. McCann will play a vital role in strengthening company’s objective to mainstream CBD in the industry. Expressing views on his new role, Mr. McCann said that he is extremely enthusiastic to become a part of CannaVest, and associated with the role of advancing the immense health benefits linked with the use of CBD. It is a matter of pride to sell a product that brings a difference in people’s lives and enhances quality of life.