Scio Diamond Technology Corp (OTCBB:SCIO) reported that its laboratory grown pink diamonds will be now available as finished gemstones. These are approved and certified by the esteemed International Gemological Institute. The company produces laboratory grown rough diamonds in size of three to five carats, and later Renaissance Diamonds Inc. cuts, processes, and polishes the jewels. Once the piece is completed, the two companies sell them to retailer firms through a joint venture known as Renaissance Created Diamonds. The finished diamonds are available in size ranging from half-a-carat to two carat and larger.

The expert comments

Scio Diamond gems are being checked in a national marketing plan through Helzberg Diamonds. It is the one of the largest jewelry retailer firm in the US. Gerald McGuire, the CEO said that they want to offer customers with a choice in buying diamonds that meet their needs and preferences. The company’s highly controlled lab setting results in finest gems for fine jewelry. In fact with the improved quality and modern technology, lab-grown diamonds have become a new option for savvy shoppers.

The availability

Neil Koppel, the President and CEO of Renaissance Diamonds, said that the superior cutting, finishing and polishing turns Scio Diamond’s premium purity laboratory grown rough diamonds into beautiful and rare gems for jewelry. The exorbitant cost and scarcity of mined beautiful color diamonds have put them out of reach for a large number of customers. However, these customers can now buy the diamond of their choice at a fraction of the cost.

The profile

Scio Diamond Technology Corp (OTCBB:SCIO) is known as a technology pioneer firm in lab-grown diamonds. It has a patented chemical vapor deposition process. The mined diamonds and Lab-grown diamonds are optically, chemically and physically identical. However, the lab-grown diamonds are made in weeks in a specifically controlled lab-environment.