Directview Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:DIRV), a leading company with prime focus on management and ownership of leading security and video technology companies has spoken about its participation in a security conference. As per the reports, Directview took part in the 2015 Texas Emergency Management and Homeland Security Conference, which was organized in the second week of May in Texas.

Total 3000 guests including various emergency managers, first responders, decision makers and elected officials from all over the nation participated in this conference. A range of presentations, emergency management workshops, training sessions, presentations and various exhibits were organized as part of this conference.

DPS Stand On Emergency Situation:

An emergency can occur at any place any time, and one needs to know how to get rid of it. Steven McCraw, Director, Texas Department of Public Safety, such emergencies that threaten homeland security and public security can take place unexpectedly. Its unpredictable nature puts forward the need for emergency planning. The TEMH security conference provided an optimal opportunity for local, tribal, state and federal officials to discuss the problems and figure out various solutions to get rid of the emergency situation.

The participants in this conference comprised of various representatives from state, border security, cyber and transportation security, medical personnel, firefighters, Texas Military Forces, etc. The main objective of all the participants was to learn effective emergency planning to take on emergency situations.

The senior management team of the Directview Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:DIRV) seemed excited to talk about the conference. Company’s Board Chairman and CEO Roger Ralston stated that it was an amazing platform to meet with industry leaders and discuss various ideas with them. The decision of taking part in this conference was one of the best decisions that Directview took lately. The company has benefited in many terms and would like to share all the updates with the stakeholders as and when they become available.