Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) sponsored Holistic Living Expo of New Earth Events in Sacramento recently. The company invited all the attendees and vendors to take part in this event. As per the reports, interested individuals had to contact Dean Price, Executive Director, New Earth Events.

The event organizer kicked off its holistic living expo with Hempsters family and Henry Hemp. The latter is inspired by Jack Herer, primarily known as the grandfather of hemp. He is a famous hemp activist, who has spent last 6-7 years learning how to create and have fun on everything hemp. He has amazingly done things that once looked almost impossible.

What Next:

Social activists like Hempsters, Henry Hemp, and others are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of the world and demonstrate the real difference between marijuana and hemp. One should know that both; marijuana and hemp are different from each other. Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) or industrial hemp is cultivated in a completely different way than marijuana.

While cultivating marijuana, the grower plants male and female plants far apart from each other. Male plants are destroyed eventually to ensure that they cannot seed the female plants at any condition. If they get to seed the female plants, then the marijuana buds that are produced carry less market value and potency. The case is completely different with hemp.

Marijuana is used for medical as well as psychoactive aspects, while the hemp carries a low THC content, thus, has no psychoactive aspect and can be used to produce various products. Hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein, hemp hearts, etc. are considered superfoods due to rich nutritional content and nutrient value.

The Living Expo event organized with the help of these hemp activists focused on enhancing the awareness of people and their knowledge concerning hemp. Hemp Inc.’s financial help made this event a super success and opened the doors for many such events in the future as well.