EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) has decided to take part in Rehab Week 2015, to be held in Valencia, Spain. As per the reports from the company, it plans to announce the launch of EKSO Clinical Science Organization during the weekend. Additionally, the company has also filed an 8-K with the SEC, which concerns a short-term incentive plan for the current year. The compensations are to be released following the executives meeting certain milestones.

EKSO plans to use its new subsidiary to bring together people with knowledge and passion for quality healthcare. However, this means that the company would need to have finalized the clinical evidence roadmap, which is essential to become a part of the standard care treatment. The company has already begun calling experts and researchers from the industry and academia for the new organization. The first meeting of these heads was held last week, with the second meeting scheduled for 1Q2016. EKSO stated that by this time the number of researcher would have increased owing to increase in the number of defined researches.

Most of the compensation milestones set by the company are financial ones. Additionally, the amount of bonus that each executive would be entitled to at the end of each milestone would depend on executive’s basic salary and the percentage compensation agreed upon.

For now the company would be concentrating on three of its departments for the milestones. EKSO has set goals related to orders in industrial businesses, units sold to the medical businesses and adding revenue to the engineering services department. Other areas of interest include clinical studies, gross margins and reimbursement strategies. These are mostly linked to the company meeting regulatory timelines, product costs and product reliability. The company hopes that the executives would work faster and more efficiently, in order to receive their respective compensations.

EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) finished the June 19 session in green, without reporting any change despite trading 307,353 shares in the session to close at $1.27.