Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE), like many other beverage firms, has been looking towards breaking into the lucrative Asian market. However, recent developments suggest that the company has now come one step closer towards achieving this goal. As per the recent reports from the company it has received a purchase order from Cure Korea. Unfortunately, this news is also subject to a lot of scrutiny by analysts, who cannot seem to find the said buyer online.

Adding more fuel to these speculations is the fact that the buyer is based in Korea, where the sale of dietary supplements is banned, due to FDA interference. Additionally, HJOE’s management states that Cure Korea had in fact helped develop the drug. As per the release, Cure Korea’s team of researchers and scientists had worked tirelessly in developing the recovery shot in such a way that it could be extremely effective on the human body.

HJOE mostly took care of the flavors of these beverages. Together the two companies are hoping to change the shape of the Korean beverage market. Although the news has been an encouraging one, but HJOE seems to still be on a continuous path of decline. The investors and traders remain uninterested in the stock, mainly due to the fact that Cure Korea does not seem to be a real company. This is despite the fact that HJOE’s Git-R-done energy shot was featured on Food Factory USA. The company even made an effort to get noticed by moving the air-time to June 6 in prime time.

Even though FYI is a reputed show and features only the best products out there, it does not change the fact that HJOE might be lying to its investors. The company needs to come up with proof of the company asap, else it will continue to decline until it can come up with something even bigger.

Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE) registered a 13.89% decline in share value at the end of the June 19 session. The company traded a volume of 71.8 million shares to reach a close at $0.0031.