Thomas Beener, the CEO of GET REAL USA, INC. (OTCMKTS:GTRL) reported that as per the company’s policy to conserve funds for investment, he will forego his salary for 2015 calendar year. He said that the company cannot grow exponentially if the top executives cannot forgive salaries. It is valuable capital that can be utilized for the Company’s growth needs.

The need of capital

There is need of capital to attain explosive growth in the year. The focus in 2015 will be on creating value to the business, increasing core revenue and market exposure which will have a positive impact on the company’s stock. Get Real USA said that it plans to move forward with existing business plan and revenue-generating objectives. The company is continuously identifying additional suppliers for its main product which can result in additional revenue streams in the coming period.

Alliance with Amazon

The CEO also highlighted the significance of the association with as a selling platform of the company’s product. There is an insight on the part of some of the followers of GTRL stock that the company’s website cannot enough sales on its own platform. The association with Amazon will work as the catalyst that enhances sales and possibly position Get Real as a main seller of electronic products on the online platform. E-commerce continues to expand and revenues are up YOY and the electronic industry maintains consistent pace with market growth.

Revenue forecast

Mr. Beener added that although revenue projections are difficult to make, Get Real USA, Inc. does expect, once up and operating, the gross revenue in the first year to be more than $3 million. The revenue growth is expected at a considerable rate of increase depending on current market trends, data, and anticipated percentage of the market share attainable by the Company. Rapid changes in vertical market needs and end user demand will trigger new requirements.