MaryJane Group Inc (OTCMKTS:MJMJ) has finally opened the gates to CannaCamp, America’s first cannabis resort. The camp is based in Colorado and will serve as a “Bud + Breakfast Mountain Resort”. The facility covers an area of 170-acres and is surrounded by a number of attractions south of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The camp’s first session will be held during July 1 – October 31. The session would be packed with the use of recreational marijuana, education and a conventional camp experience.

CannaCamp plans to house its guests in one of the nine rustic cabins. The planned food and drinks include beer and wine along with gourmet meals. The camp houses additional equipment for outdoor activities, which add thrill to the experience. Calming activities such as art and yoga are also a part of the camp. However, the camp is not for cannabis consumers alone. Industry specialists can also attend the camp to learn about cannabis sciences and cultivation and harvesting processes.

Unfortunately, the CannaCamp is not an escapade for acquiring marijuana. Legal aspects forbid MJMJ to provide free marijuana to the consumers, without any restrictions. The only way to acquire cannabis at the camp is to buy it from the cannabis concierge, which caters to only a specific menu governed by recommended strains. Fortunately guests would, however, get discounts and a variety of marijuana due to partnership with the surrounding dispensaries. The main drawback that MJMJ faces here is that even though recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, but public consumption is still illegal.

It seems as if MJMJ is heading in the right direction to become “the Disney World” of cannabis industry, just as the company CEO, Joel Schneider has hoped. The company has successfully added a new wing to the cannabis industry, in the form of cannabis hospitality. As per the CEO, the company has already grossed $600,000 in the current year.

MaryJane Group Inc (OTCMKTS:MJMJ) experienced a severe decline of 22.41% during the June 11 session. The stock saw trading of 21.32 million shares, to close at $0.0045.