Mega World Food Holding Co (OTCMKTS:LIBE), now known as Liberated Energy Inc, has been busy in restructuring itself after the name change. The company has been in talks with a number of consultants, investment and merchant banks to discuss its future financing, mergers and acquisitions. The talks are being aimed at providing the company with a clear strategic plan to move forward.

Consequently, the company has retained the services of Fuselier and Co. as its management consultants, after putting the matter at vote by the directors. Liberated Energy revealed that this is being done to increase the company’s long-term value. Similarly, the company has retained the services of VoiceFlix Inc, as its advertising agency. The decision was made by the management so as to increase public awareness of Liberated Energy’s products and services.

One these recent developments the company CEO, Brian Conway, stated that the company is trying to establish a long term working and strategic partnership. However, only the banks and investors that were engaged with the company in the past year were called for the meeting. As a result of these discussions the company has decided to retain the services of the two aforementioned companies. He went on to say that Fuselier was chosen for its experience with small cap companies to increase share value. Additionally, apart from being consultants, Fuselier has experience being energy owners and operators.

Similarly, the services of VoiceFlix were assessed and the management feels that VoiceFlix is the best option. Apart from increasing awareness about the company products and services, the advertising agency has been known to help publicly traded companies build shareholder value. The first task for VoiceFlix would be to coordinate with Liberated Energy’s distributors in Boston. Here the agency plans to use corporate and product videos to help distributors make an impact.

Mega World Food Holding Co (OTCMKTS:LIBE) was trading at a share price of $0.0008 by the end of the June 18 session. The stock registered a rise of 14.29%, after trading 331.54 million shares during the session.