Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) has announced that its subsidiary, CannabisKing, has acquired a deal to with Accuvape to sell vaporizers and other related products from the company. Even though, CannabisKing’s main focus would be areas with Pazoo’s testing labs already established, it is allowed to market the product in other jurisdictions as well. The sales call for the distribution is scheduled for the second week of July, with acceptance of sales orders shortly after.

Pazoo recently acquired the remaining 60% shares in MA & Associates to expand towards the attractive cannabis industry. After the acquisition, Pazoo now has 3-subsidiaries, each handling a different area of interest in the cannabis industry. MA & Associates specializes in lab testing cannabis based products for quality assurance and purity. Now with CannabisKing focusing on jurisdictions with MA labs already established, Pazoo can be sure to maximize its profits in the coming months.

Accuvape provides the cannabis industry with customized solutions such as vaporizers, electronics and inventory management, among others. Additionally, the company also markets parts and supplies for the vaporizers. Additionally, Accuvape practices personal customer servicing and easy policies to provide the best experience and high-quality products. Basically, amongst Pazoo’s group of subsidiaries, CannabisKing is the one that is gaining the most benefits. The other two subsidiaries are working on forming strong industry relations and quality control, while driving the distribution business of non-controlled hemp products towards CannabisKing.

Hilary Dulany, CEO of Accuvape, stated that this is the right partnership for her company and they are looking forward to reaching a wider range of customers through CannabisKing. On the other hand, Pazoo CEO, David Cunic, praised the customer service of Accuvape and stated that this is what sets them apart from their competitors. Additionally, he revealed that this partnership benefits CannabisKing due to similar geographic locations with Accuvape.

Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) lost $0.0023 from its share value during the June 29 session, after trading 25.43 million shares during the session, to reach a close at a share price of $0.0073.