Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) has stated that the company has partnered with Translational Drug Development (TD2) to conduct additional studies of using its Cell-in-a-Box technology for treating Malignant Ascites. The company’s proprietary cell encapsulation technology would be used in conjunction with ifosfamide, an anticancer drug, to determine its effectiveness against the deadly condition. The aim of the combined drugs would be to slow the accretion of the fluid in the abdomen, which is accompanied by the development of other tumors.

So far, the company’s preclinical study has shown that the two treatments combined can effectively extend the life-span of the patient. The ES-2 ovarian cancer cells were used for the tests, since they tend to multiply rapidly in mice and are also effective in producing malignant ascites. Additionally, it was also found that the drug for ovarian cancer, cisplatin, was more effective when used in place of ifosfamide in the trial. A second study has already been conducted to determine the dose of cell-in-a-box.

The new study would now focus on determining the dose of ifosfamide using the ES-2 model. However, the company does not expect the new study to create any delays for the phase-1 clinical trials of the drug for the treatment of malignant ascites. The CEO of PMCB, Kenneth L. Waggoner, stated that with each passing study the company gains more and more knowledge about the capabilities of their technology. He also assured that once all the studies have concluded, the company would release a consolidated report for the investors and associated parties.

PMCB generally aims to develop treatments for diabetes and cancer. All of these treatments are based around the company’s proprietary cell-in-a-box technology. The encapsulated cells aim to serve as carriers for the drug to be administered and can effectively deliver them to the required spots in the body.

Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) suffered a minor decline of 0.28% at the close of the June 9 session. The stock saw a total of 707.77 million shares traded during the session to reach a close at $0.143.