Sunvault Energy Inc (OTCMKTS:SVLT) has teamed up with Edison Power Company to create a capacitor, capable of storing up to 10,000 Farads. The new super-capacitor is the size of a novel, while holding enough energy to power a semi-truck. The new product is expected to launch by 3Q2015 and would cost $100/KWh. The capacitor is expected to provide strong competition to Tesla and its new batteries, but at a significantly lower price.

The largest drawback that renewable energy sources, like solar power, face is concerned with adequate energy storage. Sunvault aims to take care of this problem with the new super-capacitor. Additionally, using a capacitor in place of a battery also makes more sense for solar power, since it tends to charge and discharge fairly quickly, when compared to batteries. The important thing to note here is that both the companies have stuck to environmental regulations, throughout the process of manufacturing the product to decomposing it.

Sunvault has made use of graphene for the purpose of storing energy in the capacitor. The substance is known to be bio-degradable. So at the end of its life, the product can be buried into the ground, without the fear of any adverse effects. Additionally, none of the components are known to deteriorate over time, which gives the capacitor an indefinite life-span.

Additionally, Sunvault has also announced that it has appointed Robert Murray Smith as to its board of directors. Mr. Smith specializes in carbon and carbon composite materials and with his experience and qualifications, the company would expect to build its capacitors to perfection. He is also known to be one of the leading authorities on graphene, which just adds more value to the company’s next big product. Mr. Murray also boasts years of experience in a wide range of carbon related industries.

Sunvault Energy Inc (OTCMKTS:SVLT) finished the June 9 session at a closing price of $0.875. The stock saw an 8.85% decrease in shareholder value, after trading 106.88 million shares.