MusclePharm Corp (OTCMKTS:MSLP), a leading sports nutrition company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ryan Drexler on its board of directors. As per the reports, the famous fitness and nutrition executive has been appointed as MusclePharm’s new chairman.

The recent announcement is a part of series of initiatives that MusclePharm has been taking for a long time to ensure best in class corporate governance. It also depicts continuous efforts of the company to separate the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Insights On Matter:

Mr. Drexler is one of the leading executives in the sports nutrition industry. He comes with a massive experience of the industry and currently manages Consac, LLC, situated in Beverly Hills, California. The history of Consac suggests that it prefers to invest heavily in health and wellness companies. The company has made a significant investment in MusclePharm in private transactions as well as the public market.

The senior management of MusclePharm is pleased to announce Drexler’s appointment. According to Brad Pyatt, Founder & CEO, MusclePharm, the company had been searching for a suitable person with expertise in fitness, nutrition as well as financial matters. With Drexler’s appointment as company’s new President of Board of Directors, this search has come to an end. His massive experience in this field will help MusclePharm achieve its objectives soon. The entire management team of the company welcomes him on board.

Mr. Drexler has a wealth of experience in health and wellness industry. Before joining Consac, he was associated with Country Life Vitamins as its President. He played a vital role in the development of BioChem family of nutrition products and also made things looked very easy for Country Life Vitamins when he came across a sellout opportunity. As per the reports, Country Life was sold to Kikkoman Corp, a Japanese conglomerate, which could not have been executed without his guidance.

He looks forward to starting a fresh journey with MusclePharm Corp (OTCMKTS:MSLP) and help it achieve new heights.