On The Move Systems Corp (OTCMKTS:OMVS) conducted a market research, which revealed that a shared economy courier service provides distinct and clear benefits compared to other firms working on conventional business models. These results strengthen and boost On The Move Systems proposed service. The company is already actively seeking possible locations to start with its proposed service.

The management speaks

Robert Wilson, the CEO of On The Move Systems, said that they have discovered several compelling figures that make the company believe in the many benefits and prospects of a shared economy courier service. He added that the proposed service would have a remarkable competitive advantage due to reduced labor costs and lower capital.

These stands equally true when compared to leading firms like FedEx or a local firm. The proposed service recommends having a flexible workforce with their vehicles. It indicates there will be no need for brick and mortar facilities, which again will dramatically reduce overheads.

The plans

As mentioned above, the proposed service can considerably reduce overheads following which On The Move Systems can offer extremely competitive rates to the clients. Also, they will have the facility of a flexible workforce that would be ready to work at a moment’s notice. Overall, the shared economy courier service will offer faster deliveries compared to traditional firms.

On The Move System will offer an online, on-demand service, and, therefore, there would be no need to open and run drop-off locations or call centers. As a result, the company would not require to recruit administrative or ground staff, or loading crews. It would be the first step towards getting rid of incurring debt, a major problem seen with many traditional courier entities.

The scope

The courier service industry has been budding in recent years with revenues up nearly 15% to approximately $95 billion in last year from $80 billion recorded in 2009. A recent survey of courier firms disclosed that most of the companies recorded double-digit growth in FY2014 and it is expected to repeat this year.