Sunedison Inc (NYSE:SUNE) an international renewable energy development firm reported that the Northern District of California has approved the company’s proposal to discharge charges submitted by SunPower Corp., with leave to modify.

The matter

In June 2015, SunPower filed a case against Sunedison and certain company’s employees who earlier worked for SunPower. The lawsuit alleged that ex employees among other things, breached the federal CFAA by violating SunPower Corp’s computer use guidelines and misappropriating information. Sunedison moved to discharge the allegations coming under the CFAA, SunPower’s basis for jurisdiction. The court approved the motion, giving decision that SunPower failed to effectively plead a CFAA assertion.

The buzz

In another PR, Sunedison Inc (NYSE:SUNE) reported that it was commencing a project to provide advanced battery systems to establish nine net-zero energy houses in Fontana, California. This project is being driven by the EPRI and will evaluate how these homes will affect local electricity grid. The same project will be gauged by the ‘California Public Utilities Commission’, which under its Energy Efficiency Strategic plan, intends to have all of its new houses to be net-zero beginning in year 2020, while all commercial structures to be net-zero by 2030.

The highlight

In the press release, the company’s general manager of advanced solutions, Mr. Tim Derrick stated that with this promising project, they are pioneering unique solutions that will assist people in California get prepared for the imminent world of the grid. It will be a world where businesses and homes will be producing their own electricity on a higher as well as greater scale compared to what it is today.

By installing Sunedison’s advanced and superior battery systems on these unique net-zero energy houses, the company is able to save solar-generated electricity and efficiently manage the interactions of power with the grid. It will be the start of a new shining period.