Soon after Samsung announced that it would allow adblocking extensions into its browser, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) had placed Adblocker Fast in the play store. However, the search engine giant surprised everyone when it decided to remove Adblocker Fast after few days, that too without giving any explanation.

When Samsung noticed this action of Google, it filed an appeal with Play Store asking it to undo the removal. As a result of this plea, Google reinstated Adblocker Fast without any official explanation of why it removed it in the first place.

Insights of Matter

Experts claim that one of the reasons that might have prompted Google to remove Samsung’s adblocking extension is the fact that it requires two applications to function properly on any smartphone. However, this fact doesn’t justify the removal because there are many apps that need additional apps to run on smartphones but still they are on Play Store.

Reporters tried to get in touch with App Store representatives to throw some light on this matter but received no response. Previously, Google announced in a press statement that it would never comment on specific games or applications that are listed on Google Play; however, all of its actions would be taken to ensure great experience for developers and users

Meanwhile, users facing excessive ads related issues on their Samsung devices can download Adblocker Fast and get rid of unwanted advertisements right away. The smartphone company has been making it to breaking news many times of late. Although the quality of software and hardware used by Samsung in smartphones cannot be questioned, its internet browser annoys users by showing unnecessary third party advertisements.

After receiving complaints from users regarding the same issue, it decided to roll out Adblocker Fast, which can help users block advertisements on their mobile devices. Now when its back on Play Store, users can download Adblocker Fast and enhance their overall experience.