Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) registered its arguments in Supreme Court on Thursday in the long-running patent dispute case against Samsung. As per the reports, it requested Nations’ highest court not to pay any heed to the appeal made by Samsung.

Insights of The Matter

Both Apple and Samsung share a long history of patent disputes and legal fights. In this series, Apple filed a case against Samsung claiming that it had copied iPhone’s design. The court ordered Samsung to pay a whopping $548 million to Apple after Samsung was found guilty of violating patent rules. Samsung registered its case in December, asking the court to help it settling a host of designing patent related issues, especially the ones related to damage calculations. Later, companies like Google and Facebook also came ahead to show their support for Samsung and requested the court to hear Samsung’s plea.

Even though Samsung was found guilty on designing and utility patent issues related to iPhone, it has asked the court to reconsider only the designing part and not the utility patent violations.

On Thursday, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) filed its argument in the courtroom, saying that design patent dispute was a settled issue, and the court shouldn’t review it now. Apple claimed that Samsung was given a chance to defend itself in the court previously, but it failed to do so. The jury found Samsung guilty of copying Apple’s design and ordered it to pay the penalty. The second most valuable company in the world further added that this case might be high-profile, but Samsung hasn’t given any substantial reason whatsoever to prolong it this far.

In response to Apple’s claims, Samsung requested the court to reconsider it on the back of the support that Google, Facebook and other tech companies have shown. The authorities should take another look at this case to safeguard innovation and competition if not anything else, said Samsung in an official statement. The supreme court is expected to make the last call in next few days.