NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NTEK) has been adding significantly to its share value, on news that the company’s UltraFlix service, would be available on android and iOS devices. The company had announced that the app would be functional over all such devices, sold over the past 3-years.

NTEK focuses on all aspects of the entertainment industry and is considered as amongst the pioneers of the most stunning streaming TV experience. The company is also the first to deliver a 4K Ultra-HD streaming service. NTEK’s business focuses on the procurement/production, processing and delivering of 4K Ultra-HD content. The company’s dominance in the 4k Ultra-HD space can be assessed by the fact that UltraFlix has become the preferred 4K set-top box for leading 4K smart TV manufacturers. Furthermore, since NTEK is currently the only 4K Ultra-HD content providers, it has complete control over a market of 100 million HDTVs and over 500 million smartphones and tablets, in the US.

The company has been acquiring a number of titles for its video library, over the past 2-years and is expected to hold more than a 1000 titles by this summer. However, UltraFlix does face some stern competition from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, which have already established a firm footing in the smartphone and tablet market. Apart from having the 4K content edge, UltraFlix is also making its library unique, by adding a combination of classics, new releases and live performances. NTEK hopes that content of its unique library would be enough to attract customers to its app.

However, NTEK has also added an attraction for customers, by adding a cloud-based encoding and video-processing capability, which adds to the performance of the stream. Another reason for a surge in the company’s share price is the fact that investors are starting to realize that NTEK is achieving its goals. Over the past year, the company’s accomplishments were largely ignored, resulting in a low share price.

NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NTEK) completed the March 29 session, with a gain of 33.74%, to reach a close at $0.0132.